Your privacy comes first. With Iylus, your personal information is always safe. Your security is not only limited to your premises but Iylus also ensures that you, as an individual, are safer than ever. From your information stored on the cloud and your usage of Iylus apps to your scheduled activities and monitoring reports, everything is in your control.

Rapid Response is a complete unit with the capability to manage all the responses regarding the security of your system. In case of any threat, the incident is verified in no time by Iylus Monitoring and is then passed on to the Response Centers.

Rapid Responder units are dispatched to your premises within no time. An entire network of response partners and local authorities (the fire brigade, police, and paramedics) is at your service, making your life safe, secure, and comfortable than ever.

Monitoring and Response Centers, together, make the entire security system efficient and enhance its capability to react to suspicious activities and unwanted events.