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Why Choose Iylus

Enhanced Surveillance

Discover seamless protection with our Smart Cameras, vigilantly monitoring your premises’ interior and exterior for prompt detection of any suspicious activity.

Secure Entry Points

With our Video Doorbell, you can easily verify visitors before letting them in, while our Smart Door Lock keeps restricted areas secure, granting access only to authorized individuals.

Centralized Control

The Iylus Smart App enables you to effortlessly monitor and manage all Iylus devices from a single platform, ensuring efficient and top-notch security management for everyone.

Quick Response

With Professional Monitoring and Personal Responders, you can be confident that in case of an emergency, a reliable network of responders is prepared to provide immediate help, while our monitoring team collaborates with local authorities.

Customizable Access

Device Sharing enables bank management to grant or revoke access to security devices for specific individuals, ensuring flexibility and control over the entire security system.

Comprehensive Safety And Security

With 24/7 monitoring and dispatch services for police, fire, and medical emergencies, this system ensures that help is always on standby, providing peace of mind and an added layer of protection for your home or business.

Enhanced Peace Of Mind

Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your home or business is protected by a dependable and swift response system. Focus on what matters most while we ensure the safety of everyone you care about.

Integration With PEHL (Pakistan Emergency Helpline) 911

The collaboration between Iylus and PEHL 911 ensures real-time monitoring and rapid response to any security incidents, enhancing the overall safety of your home or business. Focus on what matters while we take care of your security, enabling smooth communication between our advanced security solutions and the emergency response team for swift, effective action.

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Stay Connected,
Stay Protected

With The IYLUS Smart App

Enjoy the freedom of keeping an eye on your home while on the go. With the Iylus Smart App, you can effortlessly access and control your security devices, receive instant alerts, and ensure the safety of your loved ones, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

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Traditional Security Like DVR Cameras Local Camera & Security Companies Chinese & Imported Products

One Fully Integrated IoT Platform with Smart Indoor /Outdoor Camera, Smart Video Doorbell and Smart Lock

Smart Cameras with Motion Detection, Cloud Storage, Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, Memory Card, High Resolution & NVR Compatibility

Smart Video Doorbell with Motion Detection, 2 Way Communication, 1080p HD, Chargeable Battery

Smart Door Lock with 5 Way Access, App Operated

In-app Panic Button

Smart Dashboard for Alarm Monitoring and 24x7 Professional Monitoring Service

Connect Smart Personal (First) Responder App

PEHL (Pakistan Emergency Helpline) 911 Integration

Personal Data Protection and Privacy

24/7 Customer and Technical Support

How Iylus works

  • 1
    Panic alarm is triggered

    During armed state of Full Protection, the Iylus system detects suspicious activity and triggers a panic alert.

  • 2
    Receive an alert on the Iylus Smart App

    As soon as the panic alarm is triggered, you'll receive an immediate notification on your smartphone, keeping you informed.

  • 3
    Get a call from our 24 / 7 Professional Monitoring Center

    Our dedicated monitoring team will promptly reach out to you, ensuring that you get the help you need right away.

  • 4
    Your Personal Responders also get alerted

    Your trusted network of Personal Responders is also notified, providing an additional layer of support during emergencies.

  • 5
    Escalation to Local Authorities via PEHL 911

    If necessary, our monitoring team will coordinate with PEHL 911 to swiftly connect with local authorities, ensuring that help is on the way as quickly as possible.

24/7 Professional

Sleep soundly knowing help is just a moment away with our dedicated monitoring team

Iylus offers 24/7 professional monitoring services, ensuring comprehensive protection. Live agents monitor the security system and they are informed immediately in case of any alarms via smart dashboard. They then quickly and effectively handle emergencies, and coordinate with local authorities via PEHL 911 as necessary.

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