Wireless Door Lock

₨. 44,619

 An Electronic Door Lock Redefining Your Security.

  • Remote Access Control
  • Rfid Card Unlock Key
  • Fingerprint Unlock
  • Aluminum Built
  • Temporary Visitor Password
  • Real-time Visitor Updates

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Iylus Smart Door Lock

Secure and Convenient Access for Your Home

Welcome to a new era of security with Iylus Smart Door Lock, an electronic door lock designed for modern living. This sleek, smart device brings unparalleled convenience and cutting-edge design to your home or business, providing you with secure and versatile access.

Remote Access Control
5 Ways to Unlock
Better Security
Real-timeVisitor Updates
Biometric FingerprintLock

Key Less Entry,

Stress-Free Safety.

Real-time Visitor Updates

Experience the convenience and security of real-time visitor updates and notifications with Iylus door lock, ensuring you’re always in the know.

Power at Your Fingertips

Our Smart Door Lock ensures that your property’s security is never out of reach. With the Iylus Smart App, you can manage and monitor your security from any location.


With Iylus’s electronic door lock, extend temporary access to guests or service providers as needed, and regain full control when their job is done to maintain optimum safety.

Fingerprint Unlock

Leverage the strength of advanced biometric technology with our Smart Door Lock’s fingerprint access. It can store 70+ fingerprints, accommodating all your family members and trusted visitors.

Power supply: 4.5V-6V(4pcs AA batteries)

Quiescent current: <50-65uA

Administrators number: 9

Unlock methods: Fingerprint, RFID card, Password,Key, Remote Unlock

Working current: > 250uA

Fingerprint: <= 100

Card: <= 100Password: <= 100

Password length: 6-8 bit

Phantom password: 16 bit

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