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About Us

About Iylus

Safety and Security are a long-time challenge across the world whether it is physical, premise (office, shop, business,
home, factory, school), vehicle, kids, females or elderly health safety and security.

Our founders have spent all their life in technology, and they realized that with the advancement of new technologies
especially Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud, Big Data and Smart Sensors, there must be an opportunity to
solve these challenges and make life smarter and safer for all.

In 2019, they started assembling the best team and in 2020 they founded Iylus in US, Dubai and Pakistan to build the
Iylus vision – Build an AIoT Platform with Full-Service Smart Safety & Security Solutions.

This is just the beginning and Iylus is on the mission to not only improve life but put Safe & Smart Living in everybody’s

Safe & Smart Living

Your home keeps you Happy.
Your business keeps you Moving.

But what if there is something smart and awake 24×7 and

  • it cares about your security?
  • it gives you remote access control?
  • it connects with your visitors from far away?
  • it senses changes in your health?
  • it makes females and kids safer?
  • and it even protects your vehicles?

Imagine if it could know you.
If it could make your life peaceful, better and comfortable.

Tell you and your friends and even security agencies if you or family member(s), your home or your business, or even
your vehicle is in trouble.

This is the concept of Iylus and this is the kind of living we are creating.
The Safe & Smart Living with Iylus.

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