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The Iylus App

Embrace Security
with a Touch.

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Introducing the Iylus App

Your Security Companion on the Go! Take charge of your Iylus systems and settings effortlessly, right from your mobile. Enjoy a seamless, user-friendly experience optimized for both iOS and Android platforms.

The Dashboard

Centralized Convenience

From live camera feeds to system modes and frequently used automation, everything is conveniently just a touch away. Stay connected and in control like never before with the Iylus App.

Real-time updates, stay informed, one tap

Personalize, prioritize, streamline: Home icon.

Expand, configure Iylus devices, enhance security

Simplified Device Control

Your personal safety superhero, ready to call for help and provide peace of mind in tough times.

In-App Panic Alarm

Stay connected and secure with the Iylus Video Doorbell. Control and monitor from anywhere, receive alerts, and capture movements for future reference.
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Filtered Timeline Views

Select the date and device to experience a convenient timeline overview.

Multi-Account Accessibility

Conveniently switch among your different homes or accounts using your phone on Iylus.
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